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SAMMY LOVE,a DJ from Italy

A DJ from Italy is visiting my blog. Thanks to Sammy Love. 

--You are a musical producer, a DJ and a music writer. Which are your favourite job?

I do not have any preferences because I love so much music and therefore being involved in 360 degrees in every musical activity is a wonderful thing for me.
Every step of this work and this passion gives me satisfaction and gratification but it is also true that after so many Years lived in the clubs now i might prefer to compose music and close my studio to create what my heart and my head inspire my music.

--When do you begin to be a DJ?

I've always had the passion of music and it has been my dream since I was a little boy and I started making DJs around the age of fifteen by playing music on small parties and birthdays of friends in the mid 90s and from That time I did not stop and I was lucky enough to shoot Italy and many places outside the italic borders making my dream and my passion as a child my work and for that I will always be grateful to my tenacity and of course to God.

--Have you written sonngs in which music style?

-Being a DJ I've always written and composed dance songs with different influences and different musical cultures such as Latin American and Andean or Ethnic/World music to songs that are more tense to electronics and genre house music because I'm always very influenced by what Listening daily and from what I have heard as a child. Musical culture is fundamental to being able to compose because it is a wealth and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and knowledge.

--You have some albums with your music…but do you sing too?

I've made 4 albums,17 singles and 30 remixes and I'm very lucky to work with great singers and fortunately you and those who listen to me,I do not sing because I did not have this gift and so I let it to those who have this talent.

--Tell me about your job as a producer. It is easy to find new singers with big talent?

I love to stay in the studio and make music because it's my life and when a song is over I feel "the king of the world"
I am very happy to have known in these years many artists from all over the world with whom I have tied Strong bond of friendship as well as professional. I work with great singers I've known going to listen to songs on any digital platform and streaming like SOUNDCLOUD or YOUTUBE where I have found great artists and great voices.

Today, when I compose Music I already have in mind what kind of voice I would like and if I do not already know artists who work with me with specific vocals, I go for example on SOUNDCLOUD or similar platforms looking for voices that might be useful to my productions and this stimulates me Let's say that's what talent scouts and producers did in the past when they went to listen to music in the clubs to find new artists and voices and all this now i can do it thanks to the network and Internet.

--How do you fell with social networks and other places like Deezer or Spotify where singers can show their music?

As I said before,I am very supportive of any kind of music platform(Spotify,Deezer ecc ecc) where you can divulge your music and have the opportunity to listen to new artists from all over the world and I am grateful to this both as a producer and as a simple listener. The way Promoting and spreading music has literally changed from the advent of the Internet and streaming and all those who produce music have had to adapt because now the music business is no longer that of 20 years ago and no longer sell music or at least If you place very little, the present and the future of music are the digital platforms where you can listen to music without buying. It was a tough hit at the beginning but now slowly we all understand what the direction is and we all have to make sure Adapt and change the way we conceive and divulge music.

--How is your job as a DJ?

My job is the most beautiful job in the world because that's what I've always dreamed of doing so and still today I always make a strange effect to think that music is my job!
 Make the dj and make rewarding music, Nice and see people singing and dancing your music is an incredible emotion that is always different but being a job involves many sacrifices, so much commitment and passion and you have to think that you are never to the top but you have to do more or at least That's what I think. In some ways dj is born and does not become.

At the end of May will release my new song along with the Canadian band BE1 entitled: WHERE IS YOUR LOVE and I am very impatient and excited to have composed this song with this excellent band that besides being great artists they are wonderful person with a big heart.

Sammy Love DISCOGRAPHY: (last years discography)

2015-Sammy Love ft Jac Marino:BURN
2015-Sammy Love ft Momo B:VAMOS
2016-Sean Mitchell:LOSE MY MIND (Sammy Love Remix)
Ed.Raphael Di Raddo Production (Canada)
2016-Sammy Love & Luca Peruz ft El V:ADELANTE
2016-Chris Rockford & Phil Dinner:ONE NIGHT (Sammy Love Remix)
2016-Dj Ferre & Sammy Love ft Angelyna:WE ARE FRIENDS (Sammy Love Deephouse remix 2k16)
2016-Enea Marchesini & Sammy Ugolini:INNER LIGHT
2017-Mark Marian:HELLO YOU(Sammy Love Remix)
2017-R.D.R:TAKE MY HANDS(Sammy Love Remix)
Ed.Raphael Di Raddo Production (Canada)
2017-Lil'Lee:RUMBA SAMBA (Sammy Love Edit/Sammy Love Club Mix)
Ed.Workout Rec

You can find him in Internet:

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

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