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NÁGI,passion for music

Nági, a hungarian singer is visiting my blog. Her style is Pop, Blues and Alternative.

--You made   the cover from a songs of Michael Jackson. Do you admire him?

I don't really have an idol, but there are people who motivates me and he is definately one of them. I respect his work and passion. Also I love the fact that his music always has a moving message which inspired not only me but the masses.

--Did you study music?

Yes I did. I actually graduated in a conservatory called Kõbányai Music Studio, which is in Budapest, capital of Hungary.

--Do you sing with your sister all the time?

Not really, because she lives in my hometown, Hadjúböszömény but in the summer she will relocate to Budapest to study in secondary school. I love singing with her and I'm sure we will work more together when she starts living with me.

--Your Englisg is so so good. Which is your next step  as Singer? A concert maybe?

I would love to develop my english but it is a bit difficult for me to do if I live in a place where it is frequently spoken.
The main aim is writing and producing my own music along the looper line and to be able to give concerts to as many curious ears as possible. We are just finished our debut concert with my new band and luckily it was successful.

--What do you dream for your career as a Singer?

My dream is the birth of a song from my own pen with a powerful message which people will sing along to, while performing in a concert.

--Beautiful voice you have. Do you practice each day? How many hours?

Because it is my profession and passion, music is part of my everyday life. Sometimes I sing just half an hour a day, sometimes I sing all day, it depends on my schedule and mood. Now I want to go back to the school and study more to expand my knowledge.

--How is Hungary? Tell me about your place. 

Wow... It's difficult to describe. I like living here in Hungary, I love our language though foreigners say it's difficult but very expressive. Budapest defines the monumental old buildings, I have been living here for 4 years now but everyday I still admire the city.

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Thanks to Nági. And to Studio photo by Sivák Zsófia. And pictures from concert are from Nagy Mihaly foto.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

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